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12’s at 12

The Seahawks have won five in a row and have clinched a playoff spot and we take your texts on 12’s at 12.

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Jon Ryan – Seattle Seahawks

Seahawks punter Jon Ryan joins the program to give us the state of the team after a four game win streak and tells us how the team is prepping for Sunday’s matchup against Cleveland.

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Gregg Bell – News Tribune of Tacoma

Gregg Bell from the News Tribune of Tacoma joins to look ahead to the Hawks game against the Browns Sunday. Does Gregg predict a blowout win for Seattle like the rest of the media?

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Seahawks Headlines

We take your Hawks Monday headlines today…

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Movie Preview Friday

*May the force be with us*… It’s another edition of Movie Preview Friday!

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Jerry DiPoto press conference

We hear from Mariners GM Jerry DiPoto after the team re-signed pitcher Hisashi Iwakuma.

Recent Headlines

3 hours ago in Entertainment

Depp back as Mad Hatter in ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’


The movie follows on from the 2010 box office hit "Alice in Wonderland," which starred Depp alongside Australian actress Mia Wasikowska as the titular heroine and Oscar nominee Helena Bonham Carter as the Red Queen.

3 hours ago in Lifestyle, National

Record number of Millennials are living with their parents


Living at home with parents is now the most common arrangement for people age 18-34.

3 hours ago in National, World

Obama to Asians worried about U.S. election: It’s going to be OK


U.S. President Barack Obama sought on Wednesday to ease growing Asian worries about the raucous election campaign to succeed him which has been dominated by the incendiary rhetoric of mogul Donald Trump, now the Republican Party's nominee.

4 hours ago in Sports

Super Bowls awarded


The NFL has awarded the 2019 through 2021 Super Bowls to three cities that have significant financial investments in new stadiums or recently upgraded an existing one.

4 hours ago in National

U.S. security union wants more screeners to ease airport delays


The union for transportation security officers urged Congress to pay for 6,000 more full-time workers who conduct screenings to alleviate long lines at U.S. airports, a problem that caused a shakeup in the U.S. Transportation Security Administration's management.