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Gas Pump

Average Bellingham gas price drops to $2.50

2015 could bring gas prices not seen since 2009


State gets rid of unpopular license plate law

Drivers can keep license plate as long as they want

magnifying glass

Skagit men find possible Amelia Earhart clue

Plane piece could be from crash

brown bottle

More Bellingham brewers bottling beer

Kushan and Wander now selling bottles

Photo Wikipedia

Scientists feed booze to birds

Tipsy birds similar to drunk humans

sick girl

Flu season hitting hard

Vaccine only offering some protection

pot dispensery

Medical marijuana a challenge for legal pot states

State looking for medical marijuana fix

pay day

Minimum wage increase to $9.47

21 states raise minimum wage

chaplan mudslide

Deputy gets police award for Oso slide response

Deputies quick thinking lead to helicopter rescues


Police out in force for NYE

Firework celebrations banned in Bellingham


Bellingham Police start neighborhood program

Two officers assigned to neighbor

Coal Clash Border Patrol

Man suffers heart attack during border screening

Custom & Border agents give CPR

Skagit Logging Truck Death

Skagit tragedy kills logging truck driver

Man run over by own truck

beets garden

Community garden in jeopardy

City wants site developed


People in Washington recycling less

Still well above national average

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Chris Pratt the favorite to take on ‘Indiana Jones’ remake


The "Guardians of the Galaxy" star is the latest frontrunner to lead a planned Disney remake.

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Snapchat adds news, entertainment to its messaging service


Snapchat has partnered with CNN, ESPN and others to compete with Facebook and Twitter.

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Opera hopes to strike a chord with young listeners


National outreach programs hope to turn kids on to an old art form and injecting an aging, shrinking fan base with new life.

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Blizzard hits New England, canceling flights, causing damage


The storm missed most of New York and New Jersey, but airlines are scrambling to reschedule some 4,700 flights that were canceled ahead of the snow.

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